It's 2019. Everyone is listening to cloud rap or hovering high on the next techno open-air through the metropolitan industrial area. Until they have once seen NORDN live. Because the 4 guys from Hamburg (Germany) deliver a show packed with passion and sweat that kicks more than any drug cocktail in the Berghain. Guitars meet trap beats, double bass meets electro, relevant lyrics meet right in the face.

The guys feel the pulse of our time. NORDN don't want to touch, they want to blast boundaries. Not to stimulate thought, but to smother any doubt. Not only holding up the mirror to the people, but also showing them that they can have a damn good time. With their debut EP "Sorry" it's only a matter of time before they conquer Germany. Time to get started.

Fresh pop guitars, melodic vocals and a feature with DISARSTAR herald the late summer.

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Martin, Julian, Tarek and Jörn are on tour with the Berlin based band ENGST from today. Don't miss it!

25.10.2019 GER-Cologne, Helios37 - Sold Out!
26.10.2019 GER-Berlin, Bi Nuu - Sold Out!
27.10.2019 GER-Hamburg, Head Crash - Sold Out!
30.10.2019 GER-Münster, Sputnik Cafe - Sold Out!
31.10.2019 GER-Stuttgart, Club Cann
01.11.2019 GER-Bochum, Rotunda - Sold Out!



ADOLESCENTS will play some shows with PENNYWISE in the USA in January! What a line up! If you have the chance, don't miss it.

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