F&M Feral Media was found in 2010 as a company holding several independent record labels. F&M Feral Media’s services include classic A&R and label work, as well as planning whole concepts (including promotion, design and marketing), and professional consulting regarding management, booking and music publishing. Founders Tobias Falarz and Mathias Mieth have been part of the music scene and music industry for quite some time. Falarz has been the label manager of People Like You Records for 15 years, while Mieth provided the artwork and was responsible for the record label Concrete Jungle Records - including its mail order and record store. In 2015, they created Out of Vogue, a comprehensive mail order that distributes all music productions of F&M Feral Media’s indie labels to their costumers.

Since a few years F&M Feral Media also provides management service, music publishing, merchandising and sound-carrier production. ”The music industry has changed, and we responded to it“, explains Falarz. This all-rounder service is focusing on bands and markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Their independent labels continue to distribute worldwide.

Falarz and Mieth have the professional know-how that is necessary for a company like this – and they also have experienced the ’other side’ of the music business. Both have been in the punk and hardcore scene for decades; both play in bands. As Mieth briefly points out the company’s philosophy: “We see bands and artists as friends we love to support.“