Gab de La Vega new single and video for “Demons of tomorrow“

Singer-songwriter GAB DE LA VEGA has released a new single titled "Demons of Tomorrow" - an energetic and melodic track arranged by the full lineup of his backing band THE OPEN CAGES. Check out the single here:  

But who are the "Demons of Tomorrow"? 
GAB DE LA VEGA answers that they manifest themselves "manifest themselves in the form of torment, anxiety, insomnia, thoughts that haunt us at night. Questions about the meaning of life, death, our presence on Earth and what remains of us once it comes to the very heart of our existence. I wanted to combine intense, sincere and unfiltered words with music that would contrast with the depth of the song's themes. A way to exorcise my demons, taking myself seriously only up to a certain point and trying to accept reality, and then finding the strength to make peace with myself and with life, with its ups and downs."

The video, released in addition to the digital release, captures the images of a concert in a small live club, with stage diving, pogoing and sing-alongs worthy of the wildest punk concerts, and it wasn't accidental, as GAB DE LA VEGA reveals, "Two years ago I had just released my third album when the pandemic broke out. I was able to play a bit since then, but it was very little compared to what it was supposed to be, especially in terms of shows with the full band lineup. So we decided to organize the filming of the video as a real concert in a small live club, where both we musicians and the people who attended could relive the emotion of that magical and cathartic moment that is a live show. Everyone really missed it and the energy was through the roof. I think the video captures well the most genuine feelings of that moment, as well as the single. The times we've been through fueled my Demons of Tomorrow, which invaded everyday's life as well. Being on stage, playing this song with my bandmates and singing it with the people galvanized me. Live music is lifeblood."

Speaking of live music, GAB DE LA VEGA's solo acoustic tour, which was canceled last fall, will be made up in May. The dates, spread across Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are as follows. (More concerts will be announced soon).

May 11 - TBC
May 12 - Innsbruck, Austria
May 13 - Nuremberg, Germany
May 14 - Wiesbaden, Germany
May 15 - TBC 
May 16 - Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands
May 17 - Münster, Germany
May 18 - Duisburg, Germany
May 19 - Solingen, Germany
May 20 - Geleen, Netherlands
May 21 - Sankt Wendel, Germany
May 22 - TBC 

The single Demons of Tomorrow, available on all digital platforms, was recorded in July 2021 and is released today, less than a month before GAB DE LA VEGA begins recording his fourth album. He says, "music is a vital fuel to fight my demons, for me. It will be an authentic, dynamic and profound album."

GAB DE LA VEGA online:



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