ALARMSIGNAL tour postponed to 2021!

ALARMSIGNAL unfortunately had to postpone their complete "20 YEARS OF ALARM" Zecken-Gala tour into 2021.

Alarmsignal live
- Die Zecken Gala -

19.02.2021 SUI-Zurich, Dynamo
22.10.2021 GER-Berlin, SO36
23.10.2021 GER-Nuremberg, Aggropunk Festival
06.11.2021 GER-Münster, track 22
12.11.2021 GER-Leipzig, Conne Island
25.11.2021 GER-Stuttgart, Goldmarks
26.11.2021 GER-Cologne, Building 9
27.11.2021 GER-Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa
04.12.2021 GER-Dresden, chemical factory
10.12.2021 GER-Hamburg, Uebel&Gefährlich
11.12.2021 GER-Hanover, Faust

Presented by Audiolith Booking, Aggressive Punk Productions, taz, Antikörper-Export, Ox-Fanzine,, Plastic Bomb Fanzine, Kein Bock Auf Nazis, Away From Life & Plus1 Campaign


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